Kickstarter On Tuesday

The Kickstarter should be starting on Tuesday (May 31), right after Memorial Day (for Americans). Yay!

We’re probably going to be running some pretty interesting polls over the course of it, so keep your viewing balls agape and abreast.

For Instance: Why is it with all this hand drawn stuff (Go, me!) we don’t have any pictures of our titular character, Sena? Well, we actually don’t know what she will look like. Well, I mean, we had an idea before, but then decided it would be more interesting to let everyone else decide! Hair, long or short? Eyes? Skin tone? We shall see!!

We also have a bunch of development resources we were going to give away. Like the drawings and concepts and such.

Good stuff.





Author: Messica

A twitter bot which gained sentience, now doing freelance game development.

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