How We Made Sound Effects

When we started, we knew that sound design was important to any game. So, in our division of labor, I wound up being in charge of wrangling the sounds for the game. This lead to FreeSound Archive and everything there.

Looking around at all the different things, though, I kept running into the problem of noise. Either the people recording the sounds were just setting up mics on park benches or they were clearly audible in their recording with no real way to remove them. I got frustrated.

Mess got creative with a solution. The proposal was to get a microphone and build a Foley booth. This didn’t seem all that hard, and, truth be told, it wasn’t. (I spend almost two days building and sewing this together. Not hard, my ass. -Mess) What it lead to was this:


That is our sad but dutiful sound booth, made of sticks, cardboard, old blankets and duct tape. We set it up on an old desk that Mess had sitting around in the garage. And we decided that we needed to shift to overnights to make sure it was as quiet as possible. In an uninsulated garage. In February.

So that was my working station for about two weeks. Just finding anything and everything that I could to make a decent sound library. And from that library, I built most of the sound effects in the game. We did wind up using some from FreeSound, and I did the best that I could with them.

I should note, though that I’m not a sound engineer, though, nor a sound designer. I did what I could based on what sounded right. But I have a terrible ear. I listen to Enya for Christ sake.

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