Feature Creep #1

So, this will be an ongoing thing where we talk about features that we’ve planned for the full game. These aren’t of course, in the PoC but if we get our funding from Kickstarter we will be able to build the game with them. Keep in mind that most of the content that we discuss here is based on the first person section of the game, rather than the board game. But, without further ado, Feature Creep:

The first feature that we’re going to talk about is the tower itself. In the PoC, the tower is cramped, claustrophobic, and there isn’t much to do in it. However, this was a choice for the PoC due to the lack of equipment.

What is planned is a mostly fully explorable 120m tower. From the early prototyping builds, it is shriveling large and foreboding. The tower will be comprised of at least fifteen floors, an exact count being unavailable at the moment.

Why so big? Well, for two reasons. One, to give the player something to do while waiting for letters to return to them. And two, because it gives us a lot more opportunity to exploit our other planned features, making the game more fun.


So the tower stands at a breakneck 120m. On cliffs. And portions of it are in disrepair. All of this should feed back into the narrative of the game, that Sena is locked in a wizard’s tower all alone, and it should build upon the world, giving us a chance to flesh out some things to get players more invested in it.

Now, the tower exploration will be split into several parts, such as exterior platform hopping and interior crawling. There are going to be several ways through the tower, from magical artifacts to engineering devices to alchemical experimentation to botanical meddling. The ways that the player chooses to make their way through the tower are other mechanics that we will discuss later.

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