Much Excitement!

Today, I got up at around three in the morning to get started on things. I tend to write in the early morning, so I was going to do a few blog posts of at the Record of the Stranger Realms, and continue to work on the manuscript for my second Finnial Dorn novel. When I tried to wake up my computer, though, it wouldn’t wake up.

I figured that  it had auto updated and shut itself off, so I hit the power button and when to grab a cup of coffee. Before I made it to the kitchen, the smell hit me. If you’ve ever been around an electrical fire, or even a welder, you know what smell I mean.

A bit concerned, I returned to my precious Zelbinion (named for a Peacekeeper Command Carrier from Farscape)  and flipped on the lamp. Smoke is most of what I saw. I freaked out in an instant, ripping the power cable from the case and doing what I could to quench the fire.

Lacking a electrical fire extinguisher, it took quite a while. But once I was certain that it was out, I had to wait for the case to cool down enough to check the damage. It took nearly five hours in the humid Iowa “summer” weather for that to happen.

Once it did, I hauled Zel to the office with Mess so that we could see what we could see about it. Turns out a capacitor had ruptured in the power supply. There wasn’t any damage to the system that we could see, nor any scorching outside of the power supply.

Luckily, Mess had a spare, so we were able to compensate. But the point is that we lost a lot of time in dealing with it. Almost a whole day evaporated. But we’re trying to make up for it.

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