Character Profile #2

His name is Nixander Glacepisolet, and he is a wizard. At a spry 180 years old, Nix has seen much of the world change in his time. From the incorporation of his ancestral homeland, the Esterlunds, into Autland to his witnessing his father staining his soul to become a Lich, Nix has faced much in his life.

While his disposition is understandable for someone that has endured that much, it still isn’t acceptable. Nix is a self-aggrandizing narcissist, too small for the large titles he ascribes to. While a competent wizard, he’s by no means a great one. Nor would he ever become one, considering that he is far more interested in the prestige of the station than the study and labor required to reach it.

More often than not, Nix will personally attack the character of his detractors, in a misguided belief that people will take him more seriously if they people decrying him are “buffoons.” And his attacks don’t just stop at his detractors. All too often, his answer to any group that he sees as lower than himself is dismissive arrogance.

The people that Nix respects are few and far between. His student, the 55 year old Adabock Gerk, is merely a tool for him to manipulate for more information and items regarding dragons. The woman he’s lusted after for the past twenty years, Tarn Sprig, in not a person to him, but an object of his lust, as she’s been since she was a teen. Even his treatment of his betters, like Grand Wizard Octavian, Master Forger of Veridont, is less one of respect and more one of attempting to gain validation from a “peer.”

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