Character Profile #3

He’s a lot of things. Member of the Council of Eight Siege Masters of the Elfish Cults. Engineering genius. Rival to Elfish Sorcerers everywhere. Bombboy extraordinaire. He is Yasaret Vynsat.

At seventy-one, he’s among the youngest of the Siege Masters, having proven himself with the insane but incredibly useful invention of the Aitosek, an “enchanted” cannon that could be loaded with the press of a button. Since being named Siege Master, his mind has built scores of newer and more impressive weapons. It was through the dislike of the Elfish Sorcerers, though, that he met with Nix.

While he doesn’t share Nix’s view on a lot of things, Nix did appreciate his appeals for help from a wizard. Yaz, on the other hand, was happy to find someone that enjoyed the results of his work as much as he did. The unlikely pair, while not wholly liking on another, did respect each other.

Yaz is an Elf, though he doesn’t care about it all that much. Yaz is happiest when watching his siege machines tearing apart a castle and and the flames rise. It’s not about the kill for him; it’s all about the spectacle of the thing.

Being a fairly typical Elfish male of his station, he does wear makeup, though his is usually made from the oil and grease around him. He’s a bit larger than the average male, being mistaken on several occasions for a female because of it. But he’s not really bothered by the societal customs of his people; he just wants to build a machine that could burn the world down.

Yaz’s relationship with Sena is a bit complicated. On the one hand, he sees in her a student and someone that can help bring his “art” to the humans. On the other, he’s a bit disappointed that in order to get her, his “friend” Nix died. But he adapts to everything quickly, and take his role as one of Sena’s teachers in escaping the tower seriously.

Well, as seriously as an elf covered in scars, missing half an ear, and screaming at the top of his lungs while jumping about like a madman can, anyway.

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