PoC V2

We’ve been hard at work all week piecing together the PoC V2. In it, we’ve focused on the tower exploration component of the game.

Introduced in the PoC V2:

  • New tower layout and assets: We’ve been working overtime to bring the tower to a new level. Now, there are multiple floors, as was always intended. And the assets of the tower have been improved, giving it a fresh look.
  • New mechanics: We’ve introduced a few new mechanics into the game. It was always intended that the board game and letters would be but one component of the full game. Now that we have most of that ironed, we turned focus to the other half of gameplay. We don’t have all of the pieces implemented, as we don’t want to spoil surprises, but what we do have is fun and engaging.
  • Editing on the writing: We went over the script and tried to clean it as best we could. Yes, there are probably still a lot of errors there, but it’s still a “rough draft” script at this point.
  • New item: The Icarus Glove is a teleportation glove. Just aim at a magic flame, fire, and wait for the magic to pull you to the flame!
  • New item: The Shockwave Cannon is a cannon built by Sena to push things too heavy to move out of her way! It also sucks up small items and launches them with great force!
  • New item: The brass scepter, which we don’t have a name for at the moment, allows Sena to move any brass object it touches as though it weighs nothing!
  • New art: The old art style was us trying to make things as close as we could to how we wanted it without having the equipment in a cautious manner. Mess decided, “Screw that noise,” and pushed the art even further, getting it to a hair’s breadth from where we want it. Mess would like to note that without the Cintiq that we need, wrists are going to be destroyed with the “Riot Grrrl” style.

Be sure to grab the new PoC here and support us here!

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