About Game


So, what is the Ridiculous Tale of Sena in the Tower? It’s a first person adventure style game. But instead of roaming the world, the protagonist, Sena, is stuck in a tower. To get out, she needs to write letters to people and come up with schemes. This is done through a board game.


Story Path

The story of the game is somewhat linear, but not in a stick kind of way. Instead, it’s based mostly on a bunch of strings. Actions in this string might cause that string to shorten or lengthen, or turn a different color. Part of the fun of the game is the randomization of the story. In the end, Sena needs to get free, but there are numerous ways that it can happen.


End Goal

What we’re shooting for is a $20 game. What’s a $20 game? This is how we think of it. First and foremost is the length. If the game only lasts for twenty minutes without any variation, that really cuts into the value. What we’re planning is a game that has more than four novels worth of story, not that it will all appear in a single playthrough.

Beyond just the writing, though, the game is going to be funny and entertaining. Lots of things to do, lots of things to see. And you won’t be able to see it all in just one playthrough.




You can back us on kickstarter here.

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