About Us

So this portion of the site is about who we are.

Namewise, there is SD and Mess.

Now, we’re both more of the opinion that our work needs to sell itself, not that we need to be the thing that sells the work. If a book is good, people will read it regardless if it was written by Ernest Hemingway or Chuck Tingle. So if our game doesn’t sell, it wasn’t good and we need to get better at making games.

But, since it isn’t fair to ask people to back us blindly: Here’s some stuff about SD:

  • Writes short(ish) fiction novels.
  • Just moved back to Iowa from Seattle. …Hopefully temporarily.
  • Volunteers time to help younger writers with writing theory.
  • Likes Pibb Xtra.
  • Is kinda like the hipster version of George R.R. Martin.
  • Gets annoyed when Messica writes things without running them by him first.
  • You can find some of his work onĀ Amazon
SD also made most of the sound effects.
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